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Skin Care & Facial Salon

"A glowing skin infuses your personality with confidence that ultimately reflects in your personality". So when you intend to live a confident life, professional skin care is something you really need from time to time. And therefore, Bubble Lounge takes pride of being your ultimate beauty partner by catering all your skin care needs.

Bubble Lounge, an imminent Hair and Beauty Studio, possess a core team of beauty and skin care experts who are specifically trained in skin wellness and will help you achieve a glowing, healthy and youthful complexion.

In the recent era, there are tons of beauty products and treatments that partly protect your skin from day-to-day environmental hazards and fight against the lines, dry-dull, uneven skin tone and wrinkles. Plus, our proven skin care treatments are wondrously reposeful and revitalizing.

We designate to endow specialized skin care treatments whereas each of them is targeted at specific problem areas. Our customized solutions are driven for your specific skin type by keeping the individualistic lifestyle in mind.

Skin Care Services:


Facials & Clean Ups

We have the widest range of facials and cleanups, specifically customized for your skin type whether it's oily, dry or acne prone. You can choose an extensive treatment for your face, neck, shoulder and upper chest areas. Having facials in regular intervals treats tone muscles, bog off the dead skin cells, skin cleansing and softens the sebum. It also works as an effective therapy to relieve body pain. Having regular massage also leads to a smoother skin by minimizing the sagging and fine lines.

Face Packs

Face Packs whisk away those rigid wrinkles and make your face soft and supple and make your skin look younger, softer and clear.

Body Polishing

Body polishing is the most luxurious treatment for your body which includes scrubbing, cleansing, and a pack to make your skin look silky soft and smooth-textured.

Body Massage

Your week's long tiredness and mental frustration will just vanish with our body massage. It'll enhance the function of the glands and will make your skin look cool, clean and evenly hydrated both internally and externally. It also helps in enhancing the circulation of lymph which is the natural defense system of your body and will save you from the harmful toxins.

Kera Skin

Another luxury skin treatment to make your skin fresh, glowing and healthy.


Dedicated To Providing Excellence In Our Service

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