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Looking good isn't self-importance, it's self-respect. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you attract the positivity, that leads you towards your goals and dreams. So if you want to achieve your dreams in life, start taking care of yourself first.

Today, considering the environmental hazards, pollution, and dust, manicure and pedicure not just counted among the luxury but a basic need. Mani-Pedi won't just make your hands and feet look superior aesthetically but also make them feel healthier.

If you have hang/awkward nails, you would be going through a several sorts of annoyance. Also, it looks bad and impacts your overall personality. So a proper medicure and pedicure treatment is mandatory to have achieve a good-looking personality that cannot be exempted.

Our Services:



Bubble Lounge, with its professional range of manicure services, tends to make you look and feel healthy and well manicured. Our manicure includes a complete nail treatment and covers all the bases for essential nail care along with the pampering.

Our specialists are destined to bestow you with the widest range of nail treatments from nail trimming to nail filing, buffing to shaping (round, square, almond etc), cuticles treatment like clipping and oiling to a pampering hand massage.


Similarly to manicure, our pedicure treatment entails taking care of your nails, cuticles and hydrating but instead of the hands, it's done to your feet. A regular manicure helps make your feet look, feel and smell better. It removes the redundant dead skin on your feet, reduces sore spots, and remove & prevent the junky build-up around the nails. The process includes scrubbing, cleaning, clipping your toenails, nail filling, & removing the extra cuticles to make your feet look healthy and hygiene.

Nail Paint

Nail Paint is an indispensable part of women's life. Naked Nails look lifeless. So when it comes to make them attractive, our widest rang of nail paints can surely do a lot of wonders. there are different sorts of color options are available that can be chosen as per your personal choice.

Nail Art

Nail Art better works to add an spark to your personality and describe a lot about you. Thus we can see a lot of women trying the coolest Nail Art work. . Our Nail Art service boasts a broad-brimmed extent of nail art choices expressing your personality. Come and get the experience of an entirely amazing nail makeover.

Nail Filling

Good nail shape is just as important as great nail art. You might clip your nail at home but bringing them in shape is not “Do it yourself task” anymore. And when it comes to men, it is even harder for them to their nails filled on their own. Hence, our skilled nail artists do it for you in a professional way.


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